Thursday, November 20, 2014

Some fun messy Projects

I found these cute little bottles at the Dollar store!
 I gave them each 2, to fill at their leisure!
These two are making nature bottles.
 They also make potions! Exploding potion and Disappearing potion to name a few.

 The little nature bottles turned out adorable, and were a ton or fun!
 Spencer spent his afternoon tying to put the pieces of a few broken knives
together to make a working knife...the process continues.
 Brady came home the other night with a beautiful crystal snowflake
that they had made at Cubs.  We decided to try some on our own!
 First we made snowflakes out of pipe cleaners 
 Then we hung them over night in bucket of hot water and Borax
 This is what we found the next was like a treasure hunt!
 Story of the World this week we attempted to make some ink for our feather pen out
of walnut shells. First we cracked the nuts and gathered the shells together.
 We boiled them in water, then strained the shells out. We were rather disappointed with 
the ink, but the process was rather a fun experiment!
For Nature study this week we studied Insects!
Each one of the kids picked an insect to study, then took turns sharing 
what they had learned with the family!

Gotta love the snail!!

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