Monday, October 20, 2014

Its been a while so I uploaded a lot of pictures!

 The kids did a lovely job of their cave drawings for Story Of The World this week.
They enjoyed crumpling up their papers to make them look oldish.
 We studies bunnies for our nature study this week. Luckily for us we have a bunny
and observing our little bunny and trying to draw him was quite amusing!

 This book was a gift from one of my favourite people. Its what we are using to 
study nature this year. Its a beautiful book.
 Its been challenging to keep the little ones busy while I work with the older children. 
Gluing beans onto paper was a big hit!
 Rock climbing at the Gym!
 We decided to make some long ago crafts for our History class!

 Hieroglyphs, I believe ones says "Spencer is the best" and another
"Brady is cool"
 Our pressed flowers from our nature walk turned out quite nice. We taped them in 
our nature journals and looked up plant and flower names.

 Im trying to get the kids excited about this reading tree. I got the idea from a friend. 
Each time you read a new book, you write your name and the title of the book
on a leaf. It so cute!
I think Im the only one thats in love with this Charlie Brown tree! Its going to be 
full of Jane Austen rereads if they don't get cracking!
 The other night while the boys were at Scouts, we sat around by the fire while
Emma read to us from her book by candle light. It was such a romantic scene
I just had to get a picture.
 I decided this year that I wanted to take one morning each week to improve our baking skills.  Its always slightly crazy,  but here they are working on a batch or 
chocolate chip cookies together, yeah!
 Such a beautiful October day! 
We took advantage of the weather and enjoyed a hike around beaver flats with some friends!
So much fun
This bunch happened on a patch of mud.
They look happy now, but they were literally crying in the freezing cold river while they scrubbed 
the 2 inch mud cakes out of their hair!

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