Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Nature Study

 This morning we went on a little hike to collect little bits of Nature 
 We found moss, bark, berries, mushrooms, pinecones, a hornets nest, a feather, and other goodies 
for our nature box.
We also found flowers, leaves, and plants to press.
 The kids were super excited to draw some of their finds!
 Eli drawing his mushroom
"And he wandered away and away, with 
Nature the dear old Nurse,
Who sang to him night and day, the rhymes of the universe.
And when the way seemed long, and his 
heart began to fail, 
She sang a more wonderful song, or told
a more wonderful tale."
"Mom when we get really rich, can we buy a house with a swimming pool
and then fill that swimming pool up with flour?"

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